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Fragrance Lamp - Onyx

Fragrance Lamp - Onyx


Make a statement with this striking fragrance lamp that purifies and fragrances the air.

  • Instructions & Product Information

    To use you simply pour your lamp fuel, no more than half is needed in the container the the lamp to work correctly.

    Light the catalytic stone and let it burn for 2-3 minutes, blow out the flame and pop on the crown for 20-30 minutes.

    Then remove the crown (careful it may be hot still) and place both the snuffer cap and crown back onto the lamp.  Remembering to place the snuffer cap back on will stop your fuel from evaporating.

    The fuel will remain in the air for up to 24 hours purifying and scenting.

    Your stone will last longer if every now and then you soak te stone in a neutral fuel whish is also available from us.

    Each lamp is sold with a guide, funnel, wick with catalytic stone and a snuffer cap.

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