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Car Fragrance Diffuser & Oil
  • Car Fragrance Diffuser & Oil


    Our smart aluminium car diffusers clip easily onto your car vent allowing your chosen fragrance to scent your car.  The hotter and higher the air the stronger the fragrance will be.  Your diffuser comes with a chosen 15 ml bottle of fragrance oil for application.

    Colour: black
    • Instructions & Product Information

      Add a couple of drops of our oil to the filter, the more oil the stronger the scent and the longer it will last, however do not oversaturate and this could cause the oil to drip onto the surface of the car and cause damage.

      Place the filter into the case and clip onto the car vent being careful to wash your hands after touching the oils to prevent skin or eye irritation .

      There are five replaceable filter sticks included.

      Keep the fragrance away from heat and handle with care, keeping away from polished surfaces and palstic as it could discolour.

      Keep away from children or pets.

      Material: aluminium

      Size 8cm x 1.3 cm



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